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  • Laparoscopic surgery training and donating medical equipment and supplies necessary for the training in Trinidad.
  • Facilitating medical life changing services for various children in California and Trinidad and Tobago. Some examples are:

Shamika Ali was in need of a corneal transplant surgery on her left eye and CFTT provided monetary assistance to pay for the surgery in Trinidad that was succesful.

Adam Samaroo of Chaguanas, 3 years old, was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (a hole in the heart) and was taking less than half his prescribed formula.  At 8 months old, Dr. Alexander of Mount Hope Hospital referred him to Jacksonville Hospital in Miami for corrective surgery that allowed Adam to return to a normal life.  CFTT pledged $3,000 to assist in covering the cost.

Kareem Aimes needed an auto-conjunctival transplant on his blind left eye. He traveled to and stayed at The Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles.  He was operated at the Hollywood Hospital by Dr. Jonathan Song, both of whom volunteered their services.  Expenses were paid by CFTT and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Simone Ragonath of Piarco, was born with several defects.  She had no anal passage and a hole in her heart.  CFTT and The Gift of Life Foundation funded her medical attention and successful surgery at the Schneider’s Children Hospital in Hyde Park, New York. 

Tareek Scott underwent a life-saving heart surgery at the Schneider’s Children Hospital in Hyde Park, New York.  He is back at school and when asked what he wanted to do when he graduates from High School, he said, “I want to be a doctor”.

Neil Atwell was the first child to benefit from the resources of CFTT.  His sight was failing fast and he needed surgery to repair his eye, which was performed in Trinidad successfully.  CFTT donated $2,000 towards the cost.


  • Annually, in December, we operate an outreach in T & T to visit low income families and areas to deliver baskets of food, toys to kids, and computers to older children.
  • Books to a newly renovated school library, a washer and dryer to a community medical facility.  St Anns Trinidad.
  • Medical relief and basic supplies to Honduras and other Central American countries after hurricane Mitch, via Mission International.
  • Food, water and clothing towards the Samoa Earthquake Relief.
  • Medical equipment to Grenada.
  • Financial aid to Guyana flood victims via the Guyana Medical Relief.
  • Financial aid to Venezuela Flood Relief.
  • Financial aid to India Earthquake Relief via the Direct Relief International
  • Financial aid to the Haitian Earthquake Relief Program.


We also participate in assisting our local communities in Southern California such as:

  • In Los Angeles, we have donated funds to the Sickle Cell Foundation;  Foundation for the Jr. Blind;  Charlotte House;  Harvest Church;  Minority Health Foundation;His Nesting Place (which caters to single mothers and children);  Read Lead Summer Program in Lynwood;  Al Wooden Jr. Heritage Center;  Garden Hill Tiny Tot Program; Slauson Learning Center.
  • We have donated toys to Genesee House which is a family shelter, delivered toys to a local community church for an Angel Tree program to celebrate Christmas with children whose parents are incarcerated, provided funds to the Southern California Foster and Adoption Agency. We have provided food baskets to needy families on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.
  • We have provided scholarships funds and Graduation Certificates of Appreciation to students for their outstanding academic accomplishments.



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